How to Clean a Motorcycle Helmet Liner – Biker Garage Ep. 1

How to clean your motorcycle helmet liner video tutorial! Are you starting to smell your own funk in your lid? Have you become the “smelly kid” of your group rides? Riding is so much fun, that we often forget about the care and maintenance of our safety gear; I’ve certainly been guilty of it. But it’s just another important part of the hobby and very easy! Here’s the 4-Step process to cleaning your helmet liner and staying funk-free.

Check out the video below:



Dame Zaha Hadid Architecture Profile – JayRandomVlogs: Classic Motovlog Ep. 1

YouTube video number seven!  Todays video is a short profile on Dame Zaha Hadid featured on Google’s homepage tribute the other day on 5/31.

Personally I love it when Google does these!  I always end up clicking on them and learn something new.  Hope you guys do as well!  Check out the video below:

Locations mentioned in the video:
“Dongdaemun Design Plaza” in Seoul, Korea
“London Aquatics Center” in London, England
“Guangzhou Opera House” in Guangzhou, China
“Sheikh Zayed Bridge” in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
“BMW Factory Administration Building” in Leipzig, Germany







Memorial Day Thank You – JayRandomVlogs: Just Ride Ep. 4

YouTube video number six!  Just Ride Ep. 4 – Some shots from an early morning motorcycle ride on the week of Memorial Day 2017.  Thinking about all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in duty to their country.  So, while many of us will be out having fun and enjoying an extended weekend, let’s remember to keep all those heroes (who gave their lives) in our hearts and minds as well.  I think you’ll appreciate that ice-cold beer and grilled hotdog a whole lot more when you do.  Have a safe and fun Memorial Day, y’all! Check out the video below:




Best Tacos in Delaware at the Liberty Gas Taqueria – JayRandomVlogs: Hungry Biker Ep. 1

YouTube video number five!  Hungry Biker Ep. 1 – This week, JayRandom tries some tasty, authentic tacos from a hidden foodie gem… the Liberty Gas Taqueria in Hockessin, Delaware.  If you’re a taco & motorcycle fan, you’re in for a double-treat!  Check out the video / restaurant review below:

Liberty Gas Taqueria
5821 Limestone Rd, Hockessin, DE 19707
Google Maps:



Historic Motorcycle Tour of Ridley Park, PA – JayRandomVlogs: Moto Tour Ep. 1

YouTube video number one!  Moto Tour Ep.1 – A historic tour of Ridley Park, PA via motorcycle:  

This week, JayRandomVlogs takes you on a motorcycle tour of Ridley Park, PA.  Covering the borough’s history:  ranging from its Native Lenni Lenape roots, thru colonial discovery / expansion, American Revolutionary period, late 1800’s community development, and all the way into modern times.

Did you know that the film Silver Linings Playbook was shot in Ridley Park, PA and surrounding areas?  For the whole story and more fun facts, check out the YouTube video embedded above!